When buying a piece of rural land, the logical next step is to add some sort of building.  A base camp, you might say - from whence you may plan your hunt, park your ATV, grill your meal, and hit the bunk at the close of the day.

That’s not to say, of course, that your new getaway will require you to miss warm showers and other more civilized comforts. Setting up your first hunting or getaway cabin can be as rustic or sophisticated as you wish. Here’s what to consider.

Find the Best “Neighborhood”

Even though you are escaping the city, your first building on your new purchase is likely to be just the beginning. Even the first settlers in the area didn’t just throw down the fire ring on any old spot.

No, they gave it some time and consideration. And, you’ll want to use that same approach to your cabin site. Even when your only neighbors are deer and other wildlife, you’ll want a location with potential. That will include accessibility via roads, as well as utilities.

Even with a more primitive start - using a generator, for example - you will eventually want to bring in electricity to your site. If you are starting with a real blank slate, locate near your water supply  first, and then determine the feasibility of other utilities.

A good “neighborhood” will have a flat building site, a great view, and make you feel like you want to prop your boots up and stay a while. And, in all seriousness - there’s no better way to decide on a future, more permanent building site than going through the seasons in your cabin. When you’re ready to expand, you’ll know every prevailing breeze, just where the sun goes down in the winter, and the route the deer take across your property.

Making Your Mark

Your idea of a getaway cabin is personal. One person’s vision of a weekend away may include just a bunk and a cooler. Another school of thought would never entertain the idea of being away from modern plumbing - and that means a spa bathtub.

Fortunately, you live in Texas, and the world is at your doorstep, as far as design options go. Assuming that your personal goals are elevated above a couple of folding chairs and a cot, there are a lot of ideas out there to make your bunkhouse downright civilized.

From top to bottom, here’s a look at what some of the latest innovations are for your new country destination.

Kicking Your Boots Off

Country living - even if it’s only on the weekends - means more dust and dirt. Combined with the variability of Texas temperatures, it’s a logical choice to skip the carpets and go with an option that’s easier to maintain.

Nothing feels better underfoot in the summer than a cool hardwood or finished concrete floor. When you’re first setting up a satellite residence that may not be occupied in the winter - or only occasionally - you may find that the thought of mostly bare floors leaves you a bit lukewarm.

If only the pioneers had radiant flooring! They didn’t, and winter was hard and feet were freezing. Today, though, there is no reason for even the hardiest of hunters to suffer through a shockingly cold cabin floor. Radiant flooring is efficient enough that it doesn’t need to challenge anyone’s feelings of self-sufficient outdoor life.

The latest innovation in radiant floor heating is an infrared film that is extremely thin and can be installed easily under any type of flooring that is not nailed down. Depending on the size of your cabin and the installation, it’s possible to keep the whole place warm.

Nothing to Bug You

If the thought of a heated porch floor makes you smile as wide as Texas, think about beefing up the entire concept of your outdoor space. Screened porches are the way to extend your evenings with only the buzz of crickets serenading you - not mosquitoes.

If you want an unobstructed view of the sunset on the horizon, there’s no need to miss out. You can take advantage of the new type of screen installation. It eliminates the needs for those annoying support pickets, stays tight, and keeps the bugs away from your barbecued ribs. Throw in some outdoor ceiling fans, embrace that outdoor kitchen concept - yep, country life is sounding better and better, isn’t it?

Sunny Days Ahead

Back inside the cabin, there’s no need to sweat out the summer. If you’re still off-the-grid, the advances in solar energy will interest you. If you’re planning on hooking up to the main grid at some point, you’ll still have an efficient backup system.

Texas is well situated to take advantage of solar energy. There is a competitive market for installers in the area, and the incentives are very appealing. As long as your cabin roof is under direct sun for most of the day, it’s a viable option. Solar panels are slimmer and more efficient than ever. They’ve been most recently incorporated into roof tiles, which makes them undetectable, and will be eligible for federal tax credits through the end of 2019. Sunny days in the countryside begin to sound awfully sweet, with all the perks that go along with solar energy installation.

Grilling and Chilling

After a day of hunting, riding, or other exploration, the need to refuel and replenish is on everyone’s mind. Handling the hungry outdoor adventurer is one of the most important aspects of a cabin. There’s really no need to hunker down with a stick of deer jerky and cold coffee. You’re in Texas, and that means it’s okay to go big.

Grilling is a way of life here. We grill anything, we grill it well, and we grill it and make it good-looking enough to put on Instagram. Don’t forget about the grill.

There’s nothing wrong with tossing some mesquite chips on a traditional style metal design - but what if you could actually control your grill via Bluetooth? How about switching between smoking with wood chips, and infrared cooking? Using a pizza stone? A wok? Forgoing metal for a ceramic grill top? Oh yes - they did!

Wouldn’t your getaway cabin feel more like a vacation, with a state-of-the-art grill that cuts down on cleaning and cooking time? There’s no reason to skip out on the fun and go totally primitive, just because you’re outside the city limits. Outdoor cooking is as much a part of country living as a dually truck. Get your barbecue on with a good grill, and you’ll be as happy as a heifer in high grass. Or just enjoying some really good stir-fry. Like we said - your ideal getaway is personal.

Back in the kitchen, a hunting cabin can save space and work efficiently with the right kind of appliances and design. Retrofitted kitchen appliances are a new way to evoke a rustic look. With the DFW Metroplex not so far away, it’s no hardship to browse items like this and bring them into your cabin. There are even companies that combine vintage refrigerator designs with new technology.

No matter what your final choice, don’t forget the modern basics like a microwave and a good coffee maker. You don’t need to make your coffee over a wood fire - really, you don’t. No matter what your cooking and dining plans are, you’ll want to have a refrigerator sized to handle all the food you’ll be bringing along. Don’t make it look like it’s your first rodeo by storing your perishables outside in the cold.

Keeping the Connection

Even though it’s great to unplug, modern life still has its hold on us. If you’re concerned about internet or television out at your getaway, don’t. Satellite internet services are not as fast as city services, but are widely available and will get you connected, should you need to check in. Likewise, satellite tv services have been available for years in rural areas, and need only an open line to the horizon to be able to work smoothly for even remote locations.

Sweet Dreams

When it’s time to hit the hay, don’t feel like you have to shake out the old bedroll. Once upon a time, hunting cabins came with a squeaky metal cot and a questionable mattress in a thickness that let you feel every bump below.

This style of cabin is so last century. There is no reason to be deprived of a good - even great - night’s sleep. Furthermore, you can get the vision of hauling in an entire mattress in on top of your vehicle out of your mind. Nope, the bedroom’s most formidable moving problem has been solved.

Thanks to technology, you can now have your mattress shipped to you, rolled up in a box. It’s the kind of modernity that you DO want in your cabin. You can now receive the finest of mattresses, in all sorts of styles and thicknesses and materials, condensed and shrink-wrapped to manageable proportions that will allow you to tote it directly to your bed and unpack.

If you’ve never slept on a “mattress in a box”, you’ll be surprised. They’re customizable to your sleeping style, are made of materials that help you sleep cool and properly supported, and don’t require a box spring. So, leave the air mattresses and sleeping bags at home. You’ll be drifting off to sleep in comfort.

Bath and Beyond

Running water is meant for better things than just a small shower stall. If you’re starting out on a smaller footprint, you deserve a bath experience that provides everything from massaging jets to a waterfall shower system to a soothing steam.

No fooling - even if it’s just a guys hunting weekend, the latest designs are going to be a completely guilt-free bonus at the end of the day. These units are sized to fit a standard bathtub’s footprint, and can leave the sorest, crankiest hunter as relaxed as can be. You don’t have to tell a soul why you’re in such a good mood on Monday - just say it was the country air and outdoor activity.

Good Coverage

Back outside, there’s no shame in keeping your vehicles and other equipment covered up. If you’re planning on building a larger vacation home, or will be moving to your new property eventually, plan for setting up a separate storage building.

Initially, you’ll appreciate it for providing shelter for your auto during inclement weather, and for storing the muddiest of your equipment after you’ve been out on the trail. Getaway cabins tend to accumulate the bits and pieces of outdoor life: trailers, hunting gear, fishing rods, boats…they also need a place to store away the tools and other equipment you’ll be using as you expand and build.

A storage building will keep everything safe, organized and protected - and can easily be converted to other uses once you’ve moved onto the property. It’s a safe bet that you’ll need a shop area and tractor storage, for example.

Game Station

Adjacent to the storage building, or included within it, should be a dedicated space for any hunting or fishing endeavors. Make sure that you have a viable source of running water for this area. Although these aren’t the most picturesque part of a getaway cabin, they are essential.

Fish cleaning tables haven’t evolved much in design, but the goal is to provide an area that’s efficient and easy to clean. Likewise with processing any game. With a properly located stand, you’ll be able to work quickly and avoid waste.  No matter what your favorite sport is - hunting or fishing - don’t forget to designate space for a freezer that will store your meat or fish until you leave.

Dog Not-Gone

Last - country life often includes your pets. If you’ll be taking your dogs along, a fenced area or dog run can be a literal life-saver. Keeping your pets safe from predators, and keeping them safe from their own ideas about going on an adventure can be one of the best luxuries you add to your cabin.

When you’re ready to purchase your rural property, it’s important to understand the possibilities of each piece of land. Your real estate team should be knowledgeable about the intricacies of utility access, road easements, and land usage. so that you can get on with your own building goals.

Our Fort Worth Realtor has the knowledge and experience to help you find your ideal property in the DFW Metroplex area. They understand the special requirements of purchasing and financing rural properties, and are ready to put their team of professionals to work for you. You’ll be building that perfect getaway cabin before you know it.