The Chicotsky Real Estate Group takes pride in finding the home or investment property of their dreams for buyers and sellers alike, and lakefront homes and land has become incredibly popular in the Fort Worth area. Whether it’s for avid fisherman, water sport enthusiasts, or just sitting on the porch and admiring the glimmer of a lake, we want to help you find the perfect lakeside home in the surrounding Fort Worth area.

What Makes Lakeside Living So Great and Who is it for?

There are a wide variety of reasons why people choose to live on or near a lake. First and foremost, lakes provide a level of beauty and serenity even the nicest subdivisions in Fort Worth cannot equal. Having the ability to walk out onto your back porch, hop into a boat, and take a leisurely ride along the water is another great selling point, and one of the most popular uses for lakeside property is corporate housing near the city of Fort Worth. Few things can impress visiting clients and prospective clients more than housing them on the shore of a pristine lake near Fort Worth. No matter what your reason is to purchase a lakeside home, there are some things to look out for, which we will cover in the next section.

Things to Look Out for When Buying Fort Worth Lakeside Property

Buying a lakefront or lakeside home in Fort Worth can be tricky, and we at The Chicotsky Real Estate Group like to ensure our current and prospective clients are well-informed before making such a purchase.

The two most important factors to consider when looking for a Fort Worth home near or on the shore of our beautiful lakes are the depth of the water around the docks and the lake wall’s care and condition. Ideally, your real estate agent will take the time to measure the depth of the lake near your home; 8 feet is ideal for being able to move any boats in and away from the dock. Also, ensuring the lake wall that borders your potential dream home isn’t showing signs of erosion or decay will save you from a wide variety of headaches. If you need any additional information about purchasing and inspecting lakeside property in Fort Worth, we’d be more than happy to assist you.

Eagle Mountain Lake

About ten miles north of Lake Worth and 15-20 miles northwest of Fort Worth is the beautiful Eagle Mountain Lake. Almost triple the size of Lake Worth, Eagle Mountain Lake boasts a plethora of great outdoor activities and several surrounding communities, ideal for the prospective homeowner looking to live near the water.

The homes for sale near Eagle Mountain Lake provide a wide variety of price ranges, proximities to the lake, and design features. Those interested in a home that sits close to Eagle Mountain Lake can find one starting around $140 per square foot depending on the area (we will delve into the pros/cons of the various areas around Eagle Mountain Lake shortly). Moving just a mile inward of the lake, many homes for sale around Eagle Mountain Lake are $120 per square foot, again depending on the location. Compared to other regions in Fort Worth, many prospective buyers and sellers are surprised by just how affordable living near a lake in Fort Worth can be.

Due to the size of Eagle Mountain Lake, which side of the lake you live on plays a huge role in the convenience of accessing the city of Fort Worth. Since the lake is so narrow, one can easily divide Eagle Mountain Lake into the West side and the East side, and there are pros and cons to living on each side.

Featured Neighborhoods West Eagle Mountain Lake

Living on the west side of Eagle Mountain offers the most convenient access to downtown Fort Worth due to its close proximity to Highway 199. Small cities such as Azle, Texas and Pelican Bay, Texas border the western section of Eagle Mountain.

Homes for Sale in Pelican Bay

With an estimated population of 1,600 people, Pelican Bay features a wide variety of lakeside homes as well as several lots for sale, making it ideal for the buyer interested in building the custom lakeside home of their dreams. Homes for sale on the lake in Pelican Bay start at about $200 per square foot, many of them with acre-plus sized lots. Less than two miles from the lake, prospective buyers can find single family homes for sale in Pelican Bay for about $110 per square foot.

Primarily a residential community, residents of Pelican Bay are a fifteen minute drive from the various shopping and dining options located in the neighboring town of Azle, Texas.

Homes for Sale in Azle

Azle, Texas is considerably larger than Pelican Bay, with a population of over 12,000 and a city center a few miles west of Eagle Mountain Lake. The lakeside homes for sale in Azle feature brick construction, modern appliances, and are very affordable, starting at $110 per square foot up to $500 per square foot, depending on location. Homes within two miles of the lake aren’t much different compared to the houses near Eagle Mountain Lake without compromising square footage or features (aside from being near or on the lake).

No matter what you are craving, the town of Azle offers a great selection of local and national restaurants. Enjoy great comfort food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Azle Café, or pick up some fresh donuts and coffee for the office at Azle Donut. The usual favorites of Whataburger and McDonald’s are available for lunch, as are Texas favorites Taco Casa and Moe’s Country Kitchen.

Featured Neighborhoods East Eagle Mountain Lake

Residents who live on the eastern section of Eagle Mountain Lake can still access Highway 199, but it requires a short trip down Boat Club Road and is slightly closer to Fort Worth than those who live on the western section. The two main towns in the east of Eagle Mountain Lake are Pecan Acres, Texas and Eagle Mountain, Texas.

Homes for Sale in Pecan Acres

Pecan Acres is located at the far northeast section of Eagle Mountain Lake and boasts a population of approximately 4,000 people. Lakeside homes for sale in Pecan Acres include several newly built homes along with palatial floorplans, ranging in price from $130-300 per square foot. A couple miles inward from the lake, buyers can find similar homes in the $90-150 per square foot, making the inland homes a great bargain while still enjoying the perks of living near the lake.

Restaurants in Pecan Acres

The restaurants in and near Pecan Acres are worth taking note of.  Enjoy a wide variety of sandwiches, burgers, appetizers, and desserts while looking out at the beautiful Eagle Mountain Lake at Blue Bayou, which is also the only restaurant located near the shore of the lake. The Beacon Café features a delicious assortment of American comfort food for breakfast and lunch, or savor some delicious Cajun-style cuisine at Big Tub Seafood Restaurants.

Homes for Sale in Eagle Mountain, Texas.

The small town of Eagle Mountain features a population of about 7,000 people, and is known for being one of the more affluent towns near Fort Worth. Regardless of the high median income of Eagle Mountain residents, homes for sale by the lake can still be found for a reasonable price, with many of them starting at approximately $100 per square foot, and several large homes in the $300 per square foot and up range. As you look away from the lake’s shore, there are many homes for sale in Eagle Mountain under $100 per square foot with large floorplans, traditional brick construction, and ample yards.

Eagle Mountain is another town in Fort Worth that is primarily for residences only, but there are still a few noteworthy restaurants residents will love to frequent often. Eagles Nest Sports Grill is ideal for watching your favorite sports teams or just a casual hangout with friends, and the unique Taste of Italy allows guests to bring their own favorite beverage while enjoying some fresh and authentic Italian cuisine.

Parks on Eagle Mountain Lake

There are three parks surrounding Eagle Mountain Lake: one on the west side, one on the south end, and one on the east side. Shady Grove Park is the 24-acre park located at the west section of the lake and is known for its recreational amenities, including a large playground, beach, tennis court and softball fields. Twin Points Park is located on the south side of the lake and is the premier location for enjoying and exploring the beauty of Eagle Mountain Lake. Recently developed, this lake includes a boat ramp and dock, along with a pavilion, restrooms, and concessions. However, the crowned jewel of the parks near the lake is the massive 400-acre Eagle Mountain Park. Featuring 5-plus miles of amazing walking trails which meander through the surrounding natural habitat, other park amenities include two pavilions, picnic tables, and restrooms. With six trails to choose from, visitors of Eagle Mountain Park will always have something fun to explore.

Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

Splitting the Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth is the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, a preservation area originally designed to protect the quality of Fort Worth’s drinking water. For the last 50 years, it has further served the community by protecting precious wildlife and the ecosystems vital to North Texas. From research and educational activities to walking the many trails and exploring the diverse wildlife, the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge adds a special touch to living near the two lakes in the area.

Lake Worth

About ten miles northwest of downtown Fort Worth is the expansive and beautiful Lake Worth. Originally built as a reservoir in 1914, the lake covers over 3,000 acres of area and is highly popular amongst sport fishermen. Fishing enthusiasts can find a wide variety of fish at Lake Worth, including White Crappie, Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Catfish, and others. Other Lake Worth amenities include a marina, docks, live bait shop, and picnic areas. Buyers and sellers looking for a home near Lake Worth will find some incredible properties which will fit just about any budget. While most of the houses on the lake range from $200-350 per square foot, you can find a home, ready for move-in and within ½ a mile of the lake for $100 per square foot.

There are a few small communities surrounding Lake Worth with lakeside homes for sale.

Lakeside, Texas

With a population of only 1,400, Lakeside, Texas is one of the smallest lakeside communities in Fort Worth. Lakeside covers the north end of Lake Worth, and the homes for sale in Lakeside are close to the lake and can be found for an incredible price, with many of them starting around $70 per square foot. Those in the market for a larger, traditional style home with plenty of bedrooms can find plenty of options in the affluent Wolf Creek subdivision. Homes in this luxury neighborhood are still affordable compared to other areas, with prices in the $150 per square foot range.

The restaurants in or near Lakeside are highly popular, including La Choza Fine Foods, Joe’s Pizza and Pasta, and El Cerrito.

South Lake Worth Homes for Sale

The South Lake Worth Subdivision is on the southern end of Lake Worth and is another luxury lakeside home community near Fort Worth. Most of the homes for sale on the lake range from $110-200 per square foot, with several of them featuring lots over 3-acres in size.

Lake Worth, Texas

The town of Lake Worth features a population of about 4,600 people and just about everything a family could need is conveniently located within the city limits. Homes for sale in the Lake Worth Waterfront subdivision feature sturdy docks which are ideal for those who love to take their boat for a ride, and range in price from $200-300 per square foot. Homes for sale within the city center of Lake Worth are considerably cheaper, starting at around $100 per square foot with the median price hovering at $140 per square foot.

Major shopping outlets in the town of Lake Worth include Target, Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Marshalls and Kohl’s. There is also a great mix of locally owned and popular chain restaurants in town. Panera Bread is a nationwide favorite and a great place for your morning coffee, as is the local staple Addy’s Café. Savor some delicious brisket and pulled pork at the regional chain Spring Creek Barbecue or at Bullfrog Grill.

Aside from the large lake, there is plenty of other entertainment near Lake Worth. There are two different movie theaters: the AMC Lake Worth 14 features new released movies ideal for the whole family, while Texas Movie Bistro offers a great date night option for adults, with dinner and alcoholic beverages available for their guests.

Parks Near Lake Worth

Residents will love visiting Lake Worth Park, the largest park in the area, which features a skatepark, playgrounds, soccer and baseball fields, and picnic areas with ramadas. Other parks in Lake Worth including the Keenum-Shelton Dog Park, perfect for your canine companions, the 3 ½ acre Rayl Family Park, which includes a pond, playground, and walking trail, and several other small neighborhood parks.

Our clients love Lake Worth for its affordable lakeside living, convenient shopping and dining, and strong sense of community. If you are a family or investor looking for the perfect home at Eagle Mountain Lake or Lake Worth, we would be happy to help you.