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5 Steps to Take Before Buying a Vacation Home


Are you considering buying a vacation home? Purchasing a property in a location you love to visit has its advantages. Not only do you have a place to relax, but you can personalize the property to suit your tastes and improve your vacation time. Owning a vacation property lets you select when and where you want to be based on your schedule. For all the upsides of owning a vacation home, it's a decision to be made carefully. Purchasing for the...

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When Will the Market Favor the Buyers Again?


The real estate market during the last 18 months has been unprecedented. In the initial days of the public health crisis, the conversation centered around an expected real estate market crash. That didn't happen. Instead, the market experienced an acceleration, moving towards a seller's market. Home sellers have appreciated the current market situation, as they command top value for their homes and sell quickly. The flip side is the...

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12 Backyard Renovation Ideas to Maximize Your Yard


Fort Worth residents enjoy a temperate climate all year round. The warm seasons encourage an active outdoor lifestyle, like boating on the local lakes, cycling on the Trinity Trails, or hiking in the many parks or Nature Preserves. We gained a new appreciation for the calming powers of nature and the outdoors after the pandemic. Even as life returns closer to normal, many of us will continue spending more time at home thanks to remote work....

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How Do You Know Your Condo is Safe?


The tragic collapse of Champlain Tower South in Surfside, Florida, left people wondering about the safety of high-rise buildings across the United States. High-rise condo owners viewing the shocking images naturally wonder if what happened in Surfside could happen to them. Officials continue sifting through the disaster to understand what happened, but we have few answers for now.  As you evaluate the safety of high-rise condo living, keep in...

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Why Texas is the Best of the Low Tax States


On average, Americans paid $15,322 in federal income taxes during 2018. Add up all our other taxes—state income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes, and it's easy to feel like most of your income is going into the government's pocket–and for what return? Of course, how much of your income actually goes towards...

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