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Fort Worth is the Perfect Place to Raise a Family


Starting a family is one of life’s amazing moments. However, once you make the choice to have children, the planning has only begun. One of the most important decisions new families make is where they are going to live; after all, the environment your children grow up in has a major impact on how they will develop from infancy all the way to adulthood. There are several factors to consider before choosing your new home, such as: the school...

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15 Questions to Ask Your Listing Agent


Don't assume you can list with any real estate agent because all agents offer the same service for the same work. This isn't true. Like other industries, real estate agents can specialize, pursue additional education, and pick and choose the tools they use to execute the work. Interviewing real estate agents to find the right one must be part of your process of...

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The Latest in Texas Real Estate Legislation


Our state legislature levies a lot of power in how we manage and transact real estate. As real estate professionals, it's our duty to stay on top of relevant changes that impact our clients.  The most recent Texas legislature adjourned on May 27th and passed some rather significant changes. Legislators lobbied and successfully had the government sign bills on a range of topics from widespread property tax reform to tenant late fees. Here are...

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Real Estate near Fort Worth Universities


The city of Fort Worth is home to some of the most recognizable 4-year and Graduate universities in the nation, making them a major reason why so many college students flock to our great city. If you’re moving to Fort Worth for school, or are interested in buying a home or condo near one of Fort Worth’s 4-year colleges, the Chicotsky Real Estate Group wants to help you find the perfect home for you. Real Estate Near TCU Located about 5 miles...

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7 Reasons to Retire to Fort Worth


Did you know that Texas is the seventh most popular state for retirement? Our low cost of living, affordability, and culture draw active adults looking to spend their wonder years somewhere exciting. Moving for retirement requires careful consideration. Our needs change as we age. Fort Worth allows retirees to find the right lifestyle for them without sacrificing modern amenities and...

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