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Home Improvements for Homeowners and Investors


Guide to Home Improvements for Homeowners and Investors Whether you are a first-time investor planning to buy, remodel, and “flip” houses, or a homeowner getting your house ready to sell, knowing which home improvements offer the biggest return on the cost just may be your key to success. Not all home improvements are created equal. Some are quite expensive and yet offer only small increases in property value. Others are small and affordable...

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Setting up Your Vacation or Hunting Cabin


When buying a piece of rural land, the logical next step is to add some sort of building.  A base camp, you might say - from whence you may plan your hunt, park your ATV, grill your meal, and hit the bunk at the close of the day. That’s not to say, of course, that your new getaway will require you to miss warm showers and other more civilized comforts. Setting up your first hunting or getaway cabin can be as rustic or sophisticated as you...

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9 Advantages to Living in Fort Worth


Every city has something that makes it special. The film and television industry draws aspiring thespians to Los Angeles. New York City flexes its might as a center for financial power. Chicago touts a rebellious history. However, the glamor of these popular gateway destinations to the United States is starting to dull. The increasing cost of living, long commutes, and crowded urban spaces are inspiring people to look to elsewhere for...

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Best 11 Communities to Buy in Fort Worth in 2019


Fort Worth real estate has been booming, with home prices rising 10 percent a year. The metroplex’s most desirable communities deliver a comfortable lifestyle with prime access to area amenities. Whether you want a historical home in one of Fort Worth’s oldest neighborhoods or a modern residence in an...

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Getting Back to the Ranch in Texas


Big skies and clear minds, getting back to the ranch in Texas The Texas countryside gets into your blood. Even in the heart of the city, it’s always lingering out on the horizon - open spaces fading off to the edge of your vision, like the ocean. The areas around the metroplex have drawn entrepreneurs, iconoclasts, and homesteaders for more than 175 years. The rolling plains offered newcomers a blank slate for building up rich pasturelands,...

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