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Fort Worth Real Estate Trends for 2021


While the real estate market is ever-changing, it's apparent to industry experts and home buyers alike that Fort Worth real estate is on the rise. Economic changes, an evolving job market, and a desire for more spacious housing in a temperate climate factor into our housing market's strength. Examining the trends that played out in 2020, along with reviewing analytics and expert insight, gives us an idea of what's to come in the year ahead....

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Frequently Asked Contract Questions


Contract Questions What should you not do when you are under contract? While you have a property under contract, your credit and income will be under review if you are seeking financing. For this reason, you mustn't do anything that will change your income stream, credit score, or debt-to-income ratio. Avoid: Quitting your job Changing jobs Decide to become self-employed Make a big purchase like new furniture or a vehicle Take out...

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What to Know About Buying Historic Fort Worth Homes


There’s something ethereal about driving through a neighborhood with homes built over a century ago. It’s the quality of the craftsmanship, the pride in the detailing, and the classic styling. We wonder about the who’s who that lived there. Historic homes have stories to tell; when you live in one, you become part of the story. Fort Worth’s roots trace to the 1800s. From the historic Van Zandt cottage to the bungalow charm around Camp Bowie,...

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16 Best Day Trips From Fort Worth


Fort Worth's cultural amenities, schools, strong job market, and affordable real estate make it an attractive city for people to live. But as nice as it is to spend a day at home in town, there's plenty to explore when you need a short get-away. When you need an escape, fill up the car and try these day trips from Fort Worth. Lucy Park, Wichita Falls Distance from downtown: 116 mi In the center of Wichita Falls,...

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Untraditional Ways to Finance a Home Purchase


Most buyers follow a similar path to paying for a home purchase: decide on a lump sum down payment, talk with lenders, and secure a conventional mortgage for 15 or 30 years. Research from the Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that those who finance...

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