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5 Reasons to Move to the Fort Worth Suburbs


Plus 12 Suburbs to Start Your Search Moving to Fort Worth is well worth it. An average of 328 people move to the Dallas-Fort Worth region every day due to its inexpensive housing market, plethora of employment options, and cultural variety. A prevalent topic among homebuyers is whether to live in the Fort Worth city or the suburbs. Both have their pros and cons. If you're looking for reasons to move to the Fort Worth suburbs, you'll find the...

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Curb Appeal Tips for Lawn Care in Every Season


When it comes to curb appeal, there is no one-size-fits-all solution – what works in New England might not work so well in Texas. Landscaping plays a significant role in getting that "wow" factor, whether it's from neighbors driving by or potential buyers. Whether you're preparing to sell or just want your home to look its best, some general tips can help you achieve a beautiful lawn no matter where you live. Landscaping that adds curb appeal...

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Ten Reasons Why Fort Worth is Better than Dallas


While the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is generally considered as a whole, it’s vital to recognize that Dallas and Fort Worth are two separate cities with distinct histories and advantages. Dallas is the United States’ ninth-largest city, but Fort Worth is on its heels as the 16th-largest city. In the mid-nineteenth century, Fort Worth began as a cow town long before Dallas was founded. Today it has evolved into a bustling metropolis that...

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10 Historic Fort Worth Homes You Can Buy Right Now


Historic homes are always in high demand. Often built with care and attention to detail, these properties have a special charm missing in more contemporary housing. Their unique elements add to a town's distinct character. Since Fort Worth is well over a century old,buyers interested in historic homes have ample choices. You should jump on the opportunity if you're...

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11 Ways to Make Your Offer More Competitive


Since the pandemic, the national real estate markets have become increasingly competitive for home buyers. Fort Worth is no exception. The seller's market conditions are stoked by continuing low inventory and the high number of people at all price points seeking to buy. Conditions are so competitive in some areas and price points that buyers are competing against dozens of potential offers. No one blinks an eye anymore when a home is under...

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