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Pet Owner's Guide to Selling & Marketing Their Home


Putting your home on the market when you have pets can be especially challenging because you want to secure a buyer quickly, yet your mind is reeling with a wide variety of concerns.  Does my home smell?  What should I do with the dog, cat, bird, snake, etc. during the open house?  How can I keep my pet safe and comfortable throughout the selling process and retain my sanity?  Is my home going to sell for less because I have a pet? You have...

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All About Title Insurance in Fort Worth and a Moving Checklist


Moving Checklist: Empty and defrost freezer/refrigerator, plan use of food, place charcoal to dispel odors. Arrange to have utility disconnected at current home and connect at your new home. Though keep in mind, real estate contracts dictate you’ll need to leave the utilities on until the deal closes and funds - you can not disconnect the utilities while under contract. Pack strategically: label boxes with name of the room they go to, load...

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The Rental Economy in the Greater Fort Worth Area


Generally speaking, this is a very hot rental market. Agents with rental listings can expect to be hounded day in and day out by prospective renters. With the price of housing skyrocketing locally, as well as nationally, it’s become harder for the average American to buy a house - expanding the supply of potential renters. With interest rates seemingly on a continuous rise, more and more Americans will no longer be able to afford to purchase a...

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Preparing a Home to Sell in Fort Worth


If you are planning to sell your home, you might be like many potential sellers out there and think that all you need to do is call a real estate agent, show potential buyers around, and sign some papers. But the fact is that there are some very important steps you should take before the first buyer steps foot through your door. Working with your real estate agent, you should prepare your home carefully before your listing goes live. In order...

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Renting vs. Buying a Home


If you’ve spent any length of time in rental apartments you know about pesky neighbors, noise, landlord rules, rent increases, and leases that can be changed or cancelled with little to no warning.  Perhaps you’ve been frustrated once or twice with close neighbors that may or may not be clean and you’ve asked yourself what it takes to own your own home.  Are all home buyers like the ones on HGTV with $900,000 budgets that can never find what...

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