Selling a Home is a tricky process, especially if you’ve worked hard to create an atmosphere that makes you and your family feel welcome. Everything from the décor to the paint and even the furniture is something you probably spent a great deal of time and money curating over the years.

So, when you decide to sell your home, and post pictures of it the way you’ve designed it, how could that possibly be a hindrance?

Prospective buyers may really like the way your home looks on the inside; they could very well compliment it. The problem occurs when a prospective buyer can’t see themselves or their tastes and preferences in your home. After all, when you sell your home, it won’t be yours anymore. And for others to be interested in buying it, the buyer must be able to see their spouse and their kids’ photos on the walls, in furniture they can see themselves lounging in, enjoying meals in a kitchen they feel welcome in, etc.

How much work that needs to be put in varies widely and is dependent on several factors. If your style and tastes are eccentric in relation to the subdivision you live in, you may have to do quite a bit of rearranging or replacing of furniture, photo frames, wall art, and other décor.

The de-personalizing goes well beyond furniture and décor, too. The closer you can get your home to look like a model home that has never been lived in, the better your chances will be of finding a buyer who will love it. This includes a deep cleaning; any and all repairs (no matter how benign); eliminating all clutter from countertops, tables, closets, etc.; keeping the bedrooms and bathrooms in immaculate condition at all times; and keeping the yards well-manicured and free and clear of debris and signs.

We understand that many of these steps can be burdensome, particularly if you have a busy life with kids who are used to being “home”. But the more you can turn your home into something others will want to buy, the less time your home will be on the market.

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